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Business Development in Indian Country Conference

August 25, 2010
For Immediate Release
Contact:     Academy of Tribal & Local Government
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Academy of Tribal & Local Government to present innovative practicum “Working Solutions for Today’s Indian Country” at 2010 Business Development in Indian Country Conference

Academy’s world-class faculty will lead unique interactive seminar as part of major national Native American economic symposium

August 24, 2010 - The Academy of Tribal & Local Government has been selected to present its innovative practicum “Working Solutions for Today’s Indian Country” at the 2010 Business Development in Indian Country Conference, produced by Buss Productions and hosted by Treasure Island Resort & Casino in Red Wing, Minnesota September 27-29, 2010.

Hosted this year by the Prairie Island Indian Community, the Business Development in Indian Country Conference brings together hundreds of tribal and business leaders from across the United States to share experiences and ideas for building sustainable tribal economies.

The Academy’s “Working Solutions” seminar will be an interactive working group practicum focusing on real-world solutions to some of the most important issues unique to Indian Country today. The seminar will be conducted over two days, September 28-29.

“Working Solutions”, led by Deron Marquez, co-founder and CEO of the Academy and former chairman of the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians, will be an excellent networking opportunity and will explore real issues affecting tribes nationwide.

Participants will assume the roles of major Indian Country stakeholders, including tribal government leadership, economic development teams, budget and finance professionals, the media, state and local government officials, grassroots opposition groups, and even advocates for Native American social issues.

Under the guidance of Academy faculty, participants will work together in groups to develop effective strategies to achieve stated goals and present their conclusions to the conference. 

"We are not simply dealing in theory; these are real-life issues,” said Mr. Marquez. “We have assembled the finest minds in Indian Country to provide invaluable assistance to tribal leaders dealing with vital Indian issues all over the United States.” 

Marquez added, “The Academy offers a unique mix of education and practical experience that delivers immediate results. Practicum participants will walk away with hands-on experience, knowledge and tools they need to benefit their respective tribal nations.”

The practicum will explore the following issues:

  • Diversifying Tribal Economic Development – Strategies to prepare for the “post-tribal gaming economy”
  • Tribal Finance – Investment strategies in short and long term markets, tools to secure financing in a difficult loan and credit market
  • Defending Tribal interests – Strategies for community relations and controlling the “opposition”
  • Effective Media Relations and Tribal Economic Development – Outreach strategies to generate consistent positive media for your business operations
  • Tribal Economic Power for Social Good – Strategies to optimize tribal economic power and solve many of Indian Country’s unique social issues 

“This is a great opportunity for participants to work through these scenarios by playing the roles of many of the stakeholders they interact with daily,” stated Marquez. “We are honored to be producing what we believe will be an insightful and invigorating event.”

About the Conference
Business Development in Indian County
September 27-29, 2010
Treasure Island Resort & Casino – Red Wing, MN
Reservations (888) 867-7829
Registration online at
Event produced and coordinated by Buss Productions

About the Academy of Tribal & Local Government
The Academy of Tribal & Local Government is a Native-owned and operated institute advancing productive relations between federally recognized tribes and local municipalities nationwide. Utilizing a renowned faculty with more than 200 years of real world and academic experience in Indian Country, the Academy develops customized education programs offering long-term solutions that serve the unique economic, social and cultural needs of these governments. The Academy also serves Indian Country through comprehensive online training for goods and service providers nationwide through its Vendor Certification Program. For more information please visit

Business Development in Indian Country Conference
September 27 – 29, 2010
Treasure Island Resort & Casino, Red Wing, MN
Conference Agenda

Monday, September 27, 2010

8:30 AM  Registration

9:00 AM Opening Prayer and Opening Remarks

9:15 AM  Indian Country Economic Future for 2010 and Beyond? - Lance Morgan

9:45 AM Break

10:00 AM Sessions
Business Plans & Feasibility Studies - From Concept to Reality, What to Include
You have a clear picture of what business you want to start. The first step is having a solid business plan and feasibility study to help sell your concept. This session will discuss what is needed in a business plan and how feasibility studies help you determine if this business is the right fit. Kari Matt

NOON  Keynote Luncheon - Thriving in a Changing Economy

1:00 PM Breakout Sessions

Financing: Getting the Numbers Right for the Business Plan
In order to get financing for a new business project and plans you will need to be able to make sure you have the right P&Ls, five-year cash flows, and other financial information available. Hear what is needed and what information is important. 

Real Estate On and Off Tribal Lands
A big part of any business project is land; hear the ways tribes can work with both tribal lands and off-reservation lands to make a success of their businesses.

2:45 PM Break

3:00 PM Tribal Business Development Corporation Structure
Is a business development board the right structure for your tribe? This panel will discuss benefits and also alternative ways for your tribe to set up their businesses.

SBA 8 (A)
Is this the right program for an individual or a tribe?

6:00 PM Riverboat cruise on the mighty Mississippi River

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9:00 AM Breakout Sessions

Energy Projects for Economic Development Opportunities
Is it time for your tribe to get involved in energy projects? Find out how your tribe can get involved in energy, whether as a green project or as a potential business development.

Public/ Private Business Opportunities
It is the hottest trend in economic development. Hear how tribal entities can benefit and expand their opportunities with these types of partnerships.
10:45 AM Breakout Sessions

IT & Telecommunications for Economic Development Opportunities
Learn ways your tribe can have significant opportunities for IT & telecommunications during this current and relevant discussion.

The Master Plan
A master plan gives tribes and tribal entities a five-year plan of how they would like to grow. The plan should start with a visual statement then look at community issues like natural conservation, rural and urban redevelopment, transportation, and historic and community development, like schools, public safety and social services.

NOON  Keynote Luncheon: Tourism and Economic Development: Does it Work?

1:00 PM Breakout Sessions
Real Estate Development - Off Tribal Land
Create a successful strategy for real estate investment and development off tribal lands.
Staffing For Economic Development and Diversity
As tribal entities start diversifying their economic opportunities, how do they staff up and find the right person for the right job? Whether a tribe will be a development corporation or just have business entities, it is important to have an organizational chart and defined roles for each staff member 
4;00 PM Practicum - Facilitated by the  Academy of  Tribal and Local Government (ATLG)

The ATLG practicum will be a hands-on learning experience in which attendees will explore five real-life scenarios and their related challenges. ATLG faculty will provide an overview of the five subjects during this session. The following morning, attendees will be divided into five groups and begin working on solutions to their respective scenarios, listed below.

  • Diversifying Tribal Economic Development – Strategies to prepare for the “post-tribal gaming economy.” Many tribal nations are looking to diversify their economies but are facing real troubles and issues when trying to develop on and off the reservation. We will explore several real scenarios and work to develop real solutions.
  • Tribal Finance – Investment strategies in short and long-term markets and tools to secure financing. With so many different plans and ideas, which is the best strategy for your tribe?
  • Defending Tribal Interests – Strategies for community relations and controlling the “opposition.”  Every time a tribe wants to do something, someone is opposed and trying to stop it. We will examine effective tools to manage and influence public opinion.
  • Effective Media Relations and Tribal Economic Development – Outreach strategies to generate consistent positive media for your tribal business operations. No group, organization or industry is more scrutinized than tribal nations. Good media relations need not be a mystery; we will explore processes and plans to help education the media about your tribal nation.
  • Tribal Economic Power for Social Good – Strategies to optimize tribal economic power in solving Indian Country’s unique social issues. With economic development comes social responsibility. This is not the end of our problems; this is only the beginning to setting a new standard for future generations to come. We will look at the unique issues facing tribal nations and put together successful strategies for future tribal planning. 

 Academy faculty will provide instruction throughout the practicum, including guidance on goals, planning, research, preparation, execution and objectives.

5:00 PM Sessions end for the day

6:00 PM Reception and Bowling

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9:00 AM Academy of Tribal and Local Government Practicum – Process Review

9:15 AM Group breakout session begins - Attendees assigned to one of five scenario groups

NOON  Luncheon

1:00 PM Practicum - Group presentations begin – Groups will present scenario goals, objectives and outcomes. Attendees will be able to ask questions and provide presentation feedback

2:15 PM Break

2:30 PM Practicum – Group presentations continue

3:30 PM Final practicum review and Conference wrap-up - Certificates for the overall conference and Academy will be presented