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Tribal Government Programs


Local Government Programs


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Empowering Tribal and Local Governments

Addressing the needs of governments throughout the United States, the Academy provides a comprehensive education and training experience for Native American and Alaska Native tribal nations, local and county governments, and related organizations.

Modeled largely after the successful Claremont Graduate University Tribal Administration Certificate Program established in cooperation with the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, the Academy’ core curriculum includes:

  • Training and education of tribal members and tribal employees
  • Training and education of local, county and parish governments
  • Certification and evaluation of tribal vendors and business partners

Through our Tribal Government Management Certificate Program, we assist tribal governments in advancing communications and mutually-respectful relations with states, counties, municipalities, townships and parishes, and the federal government. Furthermore, we provide viable long-term solutions that serve the unique economic, social and cultural needs of tribal governments by enhancing communications with tribal members and tribal employees.

The Academy’s Local Government Education Program offers full and half-day educational seminars for local and county government officials and employees to create better understanding of the unique stature of sovereign tribal governments.

The Academy presents a one-of-a-kind educational experience for both tribal and local governments:

Innovative Curriculum – A unique mix of studies covering intergovernmental relations, Indian law, economic development, business, organizational management, history and culture, and more

  • Mobility – We bring our customized programs directly to tribal and local governments nationwide
  • Customized - Specially tailored programs addressing local and regional issues to meet your government’s specific needs
  • Respected Faculty – Nationally-known academic leaders in government and public policy, Native American studies, Indian law, business management and other disciplines
  • Accessibility – Special lectures, articles, research and other supporting materials are available online at

Finally, the Academy serves Indian Country by providing comprehensive training to current and potential vendors and business partners through its ATLG Certified Vendor Program.