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Vendor Certification Program

Tribal governments are constantly looking for trustworthy vendors and business partners. At the same time, vendors and others are looking to contract with tribal governments. Needs-Assessement.png

The Academy of Tribal & Local Government brings the two together.

The ATLG Certified Vendor Program provides innovative online training for small and large businesses seeking to work with tribal governments.

The program offers current and prospective vendors comprehensive training in Native American affairs, tribal government, sovereignty, Indian law, cultural sensitivity, and more.

Our proprietary instruction and testing system is designed for busy professionals in mind. We can accommodate any schedule.

Each module of our six-part program includes a short video presentation and multiple choice examination requiring approximately 30 minutes to view and complete. Vendors also can participate anytime, day or night.

Our six-part certificate program includes:

1)    Native American History & Culture
2)    Indian Law
3)    Tribal Government Structure & Duties
4)    Tribal Sovereignty
5)    Tolerance
6)    Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us today to help you better understand Tribal governments and working with Tribal nations. 


Academy of Tribal & Local Government
6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, #170
Long Beach, CA 90803
Ph: (877) 945-2200
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